Is there a minimum order?
Yes in order to protect your loyal traders we have to apply minimum order. At the minute we have reduced that to £79

Are your prices wholesale?
Yes, If you apply and are accepted to open an account with us, those are wholesale prices you see. The RRP is down to you.

Why is there no VAT added at check out is it really that cheap?

We often get frustrated when we shop wholesale online, think we have a bargain then at checkout we pay VAT almost doubling the total sometimes! So the moment we are doing no VAT at checkout as a promotion , this promotion will end soon.

What’s the RRP?
We cannot give a RRP, your mark up is what you choose, depending on your brand , your experience and reputation. We have seen a £4 Rose Quartz heart sell at £9 we have seen the same one sell at £29 – that’s all down to your marketing, competition and who you are selling to. All we know is our wholesale prices are ethical to support businesses

I want more of one item – I thought you was wholesale?

Wholesale doesn’t mean BULK, wholesale means discounted price so you can put your own mark up on. We focus on individual unique pieces rather than factory crystals. You purchase what you see on the photo unless stated or if we have hundreds of the same items, again this will say stock may vary in colour size and shape.

My crystal has a mark on. Now what?

Please note these are natural stones which has been hand carved, or polished . As such there may be imperfections which all add to the natural beauty. We try to use basic no filter photography with same lighting to best show you the colours and patterns of the stones. So please understand that here may be slight variations in colour when viewing through different screens, monitors, phone screens etc.

Are your crystals ethical?
We pride ourself on this, read about our ethics here >

How quick is shipping?
We aim to dispatch within 7 days , this can be also as quick as 48 hours.

Anything else please contact us at team@crystalswholesaleuk.com

We don’t monitor social media so your messages won’t be read unfortunately , we rarely update social media , keep eye on website for new stock

Our phone line with a new number will be open shortly.